13 8 / 2011

Meet Frankie.. my first legacy sim and I am in love.  She’s a dashing, adorable young detective & explorer, with endless enthusiasm that drives her to solve every case that comes her way.  Well ya, she likes to think so but she has a hard time doing anything with grace really.

Her name is a combination of 3 characters from one of my favorite films, can you guess which?

For my first legacy challenge it was really hard to choose between the Alphabetical & Rainbow variations, but I ended up going with the former.  Yeah, the home stretch at 26 generations.  But idgac.  All I’ll say, one of her first children better be female.  Determined to name Alice.

I can not get enough of her and I am going to have a little bitch moment when she passes away, huh?  Considering I’ve never let any of my sims pass on before except ones I intentionally kill, but rules-rules…..

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